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The Ayurvedic OPD unit is situated in the main office building and the Panchakarma unit is situated down stairs, inside the hospital campus.

Office Timings :

09:00am to 05:00pm*( Summer Time, April to October )

09:00am to 04:00pm*( Winter Time, November to March )

* Lunch from 01:00pm to 02:00pm

About the Doctor’s at Ayurvedic Hospital :

Dr. Vijay Sheel Upadhyay 
M.D. (Kay Chikitsa)
Director, Bhole Baba Ayurvedic Hospital & RC,
Mobile No. : +91 9720068819

Dr. S. S. Misra
In-Charge (Ayurveda Department)
Mobile No.: +91 8475007778


Dr. Sasanka Sekhar Misra belongs from a family who are dedicated to Ayurveda by generation. Dr. Misra is the third generation who is now following the tradition. He has completed his BAMS ( Bachelor in Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery ) degree with 1st division from a reputed University in 2002. After his graduation degree he went for his special training of Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatment from Kerala. After completion of his training, he had offered to join as Physician with a Kerala based Ayurvedic hospital in Delhi and served his medical practice for more than 7 years. Besides that, since his childhood he had brought up with Vaidyas ( Old Ayurvedic scholars ) and learnt how to make disease diagnosis, Ayurvedic medicine preparations and utilization of Ayurvedic medicines. He had attended many National and International Ayurvedic Seminars held in various cities in India and also conducted many Ayurvedic lectures and camps in different places for Ayurvedic awareness and training programs. In his career he had consulted more than 6000 Indian and foreign country patients and given healthy smile for them.

Dr. Misra is very much professional with his profession, sincere, hardworking and dedicated to his service. Apart from his qualities, he is also a very pleasant, helpful and long progressive vision person.

Patients are admitted here for Panchakarma and treatments are given under the direct care, supervision of Doctor. We have all qualified, trained, experienced Ayurvedic Panchakarma therapists in our team to give you best treatment. In our team, we have also qualified, experienced Yoga teacher, Ayurvedic Pharmacist, housekeeping manager, cook, etc. to ensure your best treatment and comfortable staying here.

The process of Registration is mandatory for everybody for OPD consultation, before taking admission or for Panchakarma Procedure. In the registration time, you have to submit clear data of your name, address, phone number, Email ID, Passport number with date of Issue and Expiry ( for foreign patients ) and for payments.

Registration is valid for one month from date of registration.

For Indian                   Rs. 20.00 ( Including OPD and Panchakarma )

For Foreigner’s           Rs. 100.00 ( Including OPD and Panchakarma )

This registration is only forforeigner’s, those who are staying in Ashram / hospital campus.

As per Govt. of India’s instruction, Police Information Registration is mandatory for all foreigners.

After your arrival, during your hospital registration, you are requested to do your Police Information Registration at Ashram office ( within 24 hours of your arrival at our hospital ). We need your Passport for these processes. For this registration, you can directly go the Ashram office or contact Ayurveda Reception for help.

Day Schedule and Activities of BBAH & RC as –

06:00 to 07:00                        YOGA^

07:00 to 08:00                        Aarti in Temple*

08:00 to 09:00                        Breakfast^^

09:00 to 12:00                        One Panchakarma Procedure#

12:00 to 01:00                        Lunch

01:00 to 05:00                        One Panchakarma Procedure#

04:00 to 05:00                        YOGA^

06:00 to 07:00            Dinner

07:00 to 08:00                        Aarti in Temple*

^          Depending on your treatment schedule and medical condition

^*        Timing also changes during winter time

^^       Timing can be extended depending on your treatment schedule of morning

#          Depending on your treatment, schedule made by our Physician

Herbal Tea      07:30 am to 08:00 am

Breakfast        08:00 am to 09:00 am

Lunch              12:00 noon to 01:00 pm

Dinner             06:00 pm to 07:00 pm


Here we are doing traditional Ayurvedic practice and detoxification – purification therapy like Panchakarma, which includes various types’ of purification therapies. These therapies are done with in-depth understanding of Tridoshic and Pancha-maha-bhutha theory, which are the base of Ayurveda.

Normally climate here is pleasant round the year. Monsoon – rain starts from mid-June to mid-September. Winter starts from November to March.

Temperature :

Summer          : 25-30dc

Rainy season   : 22-28dc

Winter             : 4-20dc

Observed very small snowfall during peak winter time from Mid-January to Mid-February.

Yes, we are providing free Internet (WiFi) facility to our patients. You can contact reception for password request.

Please Note : Due to mountain area, sometime internet slows down or may not work.

Yes, there are power cuts, however, we have installed inverter ( without geyser connection ) in our Panchakarma department,Trishul and Nanda House rooms. We have also generators for hospital runs in office hours.

No, we are not providing anything to wash cloths. If you want, you can wash your cloths by yourself. Local laundry facility is also available on charges, on request.

Hospital management will not be taking responsibility for any wear-tear, damage, missing, and timing of delivery of cloths given to the laundry. It’s solely responsibility / understanding of the patient before giving cloths for laundry.

Seasonal Fruits are available in nearby shops of our hospital. Before buying fruits, it’s also advisable to consult the doctor whether you can take the fruit or not, which fruit you have to avoid as per your clinical condition.

You can pay all your billing amount at the time of admission at Ayurveda Reception desk. We receive INR, USD, EURO for Panchakarma and INR for Ayurvedic medicines.

You can also pay by Credit / Debit Card ( 3% tax-Bank charges as extra )

We are accepting USD, EURO for Panchakarma and room charges in Nanda and TrishulHouse and INR for Ayurvedic herbal medicines. Otherwise, you can transfer your money to our bank account directly. The details of our bank account has been given on our hospital website. There is one ATM machine near to our hospital and 3 ATMs in Ranikhet ( 5kms distance from our hospital ), where you can withdraw money from your card.

  • It takes about 8 to 10 hours’ time to reach from Delhi Airport to our hospital. Usually, in the morning and evening hours the traffic will be heavy, so it may take little more time to reach.
  • It takes about 2 to 3 hours’ time to reach from Haldwani / Kathgodam Railway Station to our hospital.
  • On request we are arranging taxi for pick up / dropping at Delhi. The current taxi cost for pick-up from Delhi Airport is Rs. 9500.00( One way ).
  • 2000.00 * from Kathgodam / Haldwani Railway Station to our hospital ( One way ).
  • 3200.00 from Pantnagar airport to our hospital ( One way ).
  • If you need our taxi service, you can send email for arranging taxi. We will forward your mail to taxi person for arranging taxi for you. You can pay the taxi charge directly to taxi-Only in Indian Rupees. In your mail, you can write details of your name to be displayed in Placard, date, time of your arrival, place for pick up point- if any, mobile number, flight / train details from and to, etc.

*Taxi  Fare can be change sometimes without any notice. Please confirm by email, before ordering for taxi services.

Travelling by Train :

You can also book your train tickets online from www.irctc.co.in . You can book your railway reservation from Delhi ( DLI ) or New Delhi ( NDLS ) to Kathgodam ( KGM ). From Kathgodam / Haldwani railway station, you can hire taxi to reach our hospital. It will take 3 hours journey time to reach our hospital. You can choose share or full taxi,waiting outside of these railway stations.

It’s absolutely NOT SAFE to travel on mountains in night time. If you are expecting to reach Ranikhet after 8-9:00pm then we are advising to stay one night in Haldwani. Haldwani is a big town, where you can find a hotel according to your budget. Next day morning you can reach Ranikhet.

Based on the clinical picture of the patient he or she may be advised to stay for 3-7-14-21-28-45-60 days for Panchakarma. Sometimes he or she may be advised to stay for more days. Only after thorough clinical examination, the Doctor will be able to decide / advice about the number of days needed to stay for Panchakarma.

While you are coming to the OPD unit you get small time to interact with the doctor. Most of the diseases are solved with OP treatment. Chronic diseases needs IP treatment such as Panchakarma by staying. Sometimes we have to do trial and error method by changing the medicines based on the clinical conditions which are called Avastha, for which the patient should be admitted. Physician should observe and use the medicines frequently. Only by admission this is possible. More over detoxification is possible only in inpatient unit which needs meticulous treatment plan and physician’s care. The doctor / panel of doctors will be alongside the patient in the hospital. This is the significance of inpatient treatment over the OP treatment.

Torch light, spoon, bath towels*, toilet paper*, soap*, toiletries, books for reading, laptop, all your medical case report, and glucometer-if your use is frequently any personal medicines.

* Also can be purchased from Utility Shop, attached to Ayurveda OPD at reasonable rates.

As per room condition, one personas bystander / helper can stay along with main patient. The other person has to pay separately for his accommodation, food. Prior permission is required from Doctor / BBAH & RC before you bring a person to stay with you.

During your total Panchakarma treatment period, you will be monitored by the doctor/doctors. In interval of days, Doctor will give you time for consultation. In case in emergency you can contact doctor. Doctor(s) will be available at his office at office hours, except hospital holidays.

No. Normally, we refer / send to Ranikhet. Ranikhet is about 5kms distance from our hospital and where one Govt. and 3-4 private hospitals are there. Whenever there is clinical emergency our doctors will refer / send the patient to nearby hospital to which, where best possible treatment will be given. All the responsibility of his/her treatment and expense should be borne by the patient directly.

No. As menstruation itself is considered as purification.So, oil based body treatments, major Panchakarma procedures are NOT DONE during this time.Sometime doctor advice to take rest without taking any treatments or as per patient’s condition, doctor advices small treatment procedures.

Package Price for Panchakarma treatment is displayed on our hospital website. You can also enquire from Reception of Ayurveda OPD. If you need any help / suggestion to selecting number of days of Panchakarma, you can visit to Doctor.

The expenditure will be Panchakarma treatment, accommodation and Ayurvedic medicines-if prescribed by doctor.

Panchakarma package price is only included Panchakarma treatment procedures-prescribed by Doctor and food ( served only in Ayurvedic Canteen ). Apart from this are not included as prescribed Ayurvedic herbal medicines, scanning, pathological test, travel expenditure & specialist consultation, etc. Buying materials such as fruits, mineral water bottles, soap, toilet papers, towels, chapels, candles, etc. from our Utility Shop attached to Ayurveda OPD or from open market.

No. Based on the clinical condition, if necessary, our physician will prescribe for lab investigation. You have to pay for the lab investigation separately. You have to pay the money directly to the lab or at specified counter.

Panchakarma package price is only included Panchakarma treatment procedures-prescribed by Doctor and food ( served only in Ayurvedic Canteen ).

Simple and loose-fitting clothing is advisable. During your stay you can use casual wears, pyjamas, sarees, Indian costume, etc. Warm clothing and shawls are for protecting from cold. Comfortable foot wears (socks) and clothing is required for yoga practice.

Except first day of starting of your Panchakarma, we are giving maximum two treatment procedures per day to our patients. Expectation of more treatment procedures per day could harm / increase your medical problem. We are requesting our patients not to request for more procedures per day. If somebody is taking more treatment procedures per day, it will be patient’s own choice / risk. BBAH & RC or Doctor will not be responsible for any medical problem occurs.

You should avoid spicy and oily food. Day time sleep is prohibited. Walking in the sunlight is prohibited. 20 minutes light walking is advised in the morning n evening. Drinking alcohol, smoking is totally prohibited. Using of Tabaco is totally prohibited. Over usage of cell phone, computer-laptop, gadgets and seeing TV is not good. A sexual activity is prohibited during treatment period.

Advised and start believing that to early going to bed and early waking up.

Accommodation in Ayurvedic guest houses will be only provided for patients, those who are coming for Panchakarma.

The prices are displayed on our hospital website for NANDA HOUSE  and TRISHUL HOUSE ( new name of American House ).

For booking in Ayurvedic guest houses, please send email : [email protected]

During peak season / rush time we are also suggesting our patients to stay in Ashram or nearby Guest Houses, closed to our hospital. The details of Ashram rooms are displayed on our hospital website. You can pay directly to the Ashram Office for the rooms.

For booking in Ashram accommodation, please send email :[email protected]

In our Ayurvedic canteen we prepare satvik, tridosha balancing food for our patients. We advise and serving less spicy, less oily, vegetarian diet, locally available fresh vegetable salads, fruits to take during Panchakarma treatment period. We serve food as breakfast-lunch-dinner in our Ayurvedic Canteen-fixed food menu. Some people highly appreciate the food and they say food is the best. Some people say they do not like this food because they are not used to Indian style of cooking or for some other region. We are getting mixed opinions.

Ayurveda and Yoga are sister sciences and work harmoniously together to deliver sound body, pure mind and free spirit. In India, there is a long standing tradition of practicing both Yoga and Ayurveda together, for maximum enhanced and positive results. Here we are advising our patients for simple yoga practice under guidance of our Yoga Teacher and also to avoid self-practicing. During intense cleaning Panchakarma procedures like Vamana, Virechana, Vasti, etc. we are not advice to do Yoga.

No. No system of medicine will be able to cure all the diseases. Some of the diseases are only manageable. Some diseases need life time treatment; some diseases cannot be cured by any medicines. Some diseases are better treated by modern medicine only. In certain conditions modern medicine is better than Ayurveda. This truth will be revealed after individual case examination.

For any such serious medical problems, please write email to [email protected] for treatment, suggestion. Our doctor will reply you.

Yes. Diabetic medicine, hypertensive medicine, epilepsy medicine, TB medicine should never be stopped at any cost. It may produce harm to your body. Regarding other medicines doctor will examine you and give his opinion. If there is no drug interaction, the medicines can be taken. This will be explained to you by our doctor.

Pathya has Hitam (Beneficial) – the food that is good for the person. Which controls the disease and improves the health is called Pathya. The concept of Pathya exists in every system of medicine.

  • Diabetic patients should not take sweets.
  • Thyroid patients should not take cabbage.
  • People suffering from kidney, renal disease should control the salt.

These are the Pathyam told in modern medicine. Likewise, in Tridoshik diseases we are advising a less spicy, less oily, vegetarian diet. Because these foods increases auto immunity.

No. We are not serving non-veg food, even eggs in our Ayurvedic canteen. Vegetarianism has got lot of good qualities that is why we stress on that. So, in the hospital campus,we serve only vegetarian food. Non vegetarian food increases Pitta in the body. People are also not supposed to buy non vegetarian food from outside and eat in the campus or in the living rooms.

You can always pray based upon your own religious tradition inside your living room. You should not hurt / disturb toothers / neighbors. You should not compel others with your spiritual ideas. You should not go and tell that your method of worship is superior and you should not hurt other poor people by implementing or forcing your ideas. We are spiritual people and we do allow prayers and meditation.

After finishing your Panchakarma treatment, you will get your discharge card signed by doctor with simple food guidelines.

Please declare yourself at the Ayurveda reception on the first day of your admission for Panchakarma about claiming of such Insurance. Our receptionist will help you in this regard.

You have to pay total money to us at the time of admission.

We are not taking any responsibility or interest to settle your insurance claim. Hospital does not accept money directly from insurance company. We can only give you supportive documents as money receipt against of your payment and discharge card.

It’s always advisable that before your coming / admitting, you have to enquire to your Insurance company,whether Ayurveda / Panchakarma treatment is coming under insurance. You have to pay money to us, and then you can claim your insurance from the company with the support of our money receipt issued to you against your payment / discharge card.

Yes, here we have electricity power failure problem. But hospital has got generator and we are running generator during office hours.


Other Important Guidelines:

* Those who are coming from outside and those who have serious health issues are requested to bring a friend or relative or a bystander. Then hospital will be able to take the responsibility to treat the patient. It is difficult for us to maintain all the personal activities of patient. So one bystander along with patientmay be needed in those cases.

* In order to obtain optimal benefit from treatment and not to counteract the efforts of the therapies, patient are advised to follow supportive life style and behavioral practices. This is a very good opportunity to overcome physical, mental and emotional roadblocks. Conserve energy (i.e. Decrease reading , writing and if possible speaking only when needed, refrain from sexual activity, if you walk only go short distances, decrease watching TV or using the computer) during the treatment process, so this can be channeled to optimize and accelerate the healing process.

* Attend to all natural urges without delay. These include yawning, burping, passing flatulence, drinking, crying and evacuating bowls and bladder.
* Minimize your exposure to extreme heat, cold, sun and wind.
* Generally avoid sleeping during the day.

* Please note that in our hospital / Ranikhet, we do not have facility for changing foreign currencies. You are requested to change your foreign currencies from Delhi, before you start your journey to here.

* We respect our guests/patients and also we believe in simplicity. Please clarify all the payment procedures from the reception, before getting Panchakarma admission and doing consultation to avoid further disputes. We are expecting your good – healing experience at our hospital.


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