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Spiritual Ayurveda

A plate, a cup and a bowl
are all made from the same clay.
Like this, all creation is made from
the same eternal Brahman.

While modern medical science looks carefully and minutely at a disease and carries out deep research to find out the cause, it somehow manages to overlook the individual. A cure is suggested and prescribed for a “disease”, but not for the mind-body organism made up of subtle elements beyond the boundary of scientific understanding.

Any other “healing” method, when it does become obvious, is termed as “placebo effect.” It is here that Ayurveda differentiates. There are no placebo effects in Ayurveda. Cure and healing begin at the physical level, leading deep within to the very antahkaran, which connects man with spirit. The above quotation from the Upanishad forms the basis of Ayurveda.

Creation begins from the imminent, eternal, everlasting, measureless Brahma in eternal silence. From this Absolute State, the very first physical transformation (tan-matra) begins from Pressure, inherent in the unmanifest. The very first movement of Space results in Sound (nad), Light, Smell and Taste, ending in Mind (discrimination) in the human being. This journey develops concurrently with the five Great Elements – akash (space), vayu (air), agni (fire), jal (water) and prithvi (earth). Permutations and combinations of all of these above finally result in the highest evolutionary animal – Man.

As Ayurveda considers the whole and not only the part, it looks beyond the existing mind-body organism, and offers corrective measures to put the individual back on the road to the beginning, the ultimate state.

Ayurveda, therefore, suggests that true health is based on the healthy functioning of the four main areas of life; physical/mental health, purpose of life, the immanence of consciousness (if its present in me, its present in the other ) and connectedness with the Divine. Ayurveda, by its wholesome effect, leads the individual to a state of Divine Grace. It rekindles a lost spiritual dimension in the individual, leading him to work with a sound body and mind, and fulfilling the purpose of life.

This is the multi-dimensional definition of health according to Ayurveda. If one aspect of life is imbalanced, all other aspects are affected. Rather than merely treating a symptom, Ayurveda looks to the root cause or underlying reasons of illness. The practitioner of Ayurvedic medicine looks to restore balance within the patient – the deepest level being spiritual development.

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