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Yoga is one of the six principles of thought from ancient India. Its techniques seek to rid one of the concepts of the cycle of birth and death in order to achieve oneness between the individual soul and the Universal soul. It is believed that the Universal soul is the real-Self of an individual and, unlike the body, is indestructible. Due to the Karma of an individual, the soul undergoes a cycle of life and death. The discipline of yoga teaches us the way to immortality and freedom from this cycle of birth and death.

Yoga and Ayurveda are sister sciences that developed together and repeatedly influenced each other throughout history. Traditionally, in India, yoga dealt with the spiritual side of life, while Ayurveda concerned itself with both the physical and mental aspects of life. Yoga as therapy or exercise was traditionally prescribed in an ayurvedic context. Classical yoga therapy was ayurvedic both in theory and application. This fact should be borne in mind by those practicing yoga today for healing purposes.


The combined study of yoga and ayurveda is of great importance for both disciplines. Both of these sciences help us understand the whole of life in a profound manner.

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